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Free Online HR Audit

Arrange for one of our qualified consultants to visit your site and discuss your HR Requirements

Natural Selection can provide you with a report based on the answers you give to a number of pointed questions relating to the current state of your HR Operations. The report will highlight areas of strength and areas of potentials risk or weakness.

Please spend 5 minutes to answer the questions below and submit your responses. One of our qualified consultants will then produce your bespoke report and email it back to you.

Do you issue all employees with a written statement of terms and conditions within the first 8 weeks of employment? yes   no
Do you provide all new employees with a comprehensive Contract Of Employment? yes   no
Do you have an employee handbook that summarises your employment policies? yes   no
Have you ever had an application made to an employment tribunal by an ex-employee? yes   no
Do you have any employment policies and procedures in place and are they up to date? yes   no
Do you have an appraisal system in place? yes   no
Do all of your employees†have a job description? yes   no
When interviewing potential employees do you follow a competency based interview format? yes   no

Donít leave your staff policies and procedures to chance, your business could be at risk.

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