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Evolution is our Personality Profiling and Leadership Assessment Service which can be used with existing staff or as part of your companies recruitment activity.

Evolution is a powerful toolkit for professionals focused on improving the quality of recruitment and selection in organisations. It is a suite of on-line psychometric and aptitude assessment products, developed to measure those characteristics most likely to determine the quality and cultural fit of an individual within an organisation. Detailed reports enable individuals, their managers or other stakeholders to set about establishing or improving standards.

Evolution will help you to understand the existing culture of your business and provide you with invaluable information  to help develop that culture. It will give you the tools to effect long-term, sustainable change where required.

Evolution uses normative psychometric tools.  This means the reports offer a robust insight into an individual's personality rather than allowing a person to paint a picture of themselves to suit what they believe the tester is looking for.
Recruiting, retaining and developing good people is increasingly important, so anything that 'gives you an edge' is will always going to be useful.

Evolution tools are concerned with how you typically behave, such as the way you relate to others, or the way you approach and solve problems. They explore personality characteristics relevant to the world of work.

How is evolution administered?

Evolution is administered exclusively online with assessments, depending upon the level being assessed and the choice of questionnaire, taking between 15 and 45 minutes.  Results are e-mailed to stakeholders within minutes of completion

The Reports

    1  Individual Personality and Personal Qualities Assessment
    2  360 Leadership Assessment if required

    3  Organisational Culture Indicator

    4  Recruitment Report including Suggested Lines of Questioning

    5  Personal Qualities within a Predefined Group

    6  Personal Qualities within a Predefined Team


    1  Training Needs Assessment
    2  Personal Development Planning
    3  Recruitment

    4 Team Building

    5 Organisational Development

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